10 Attributes to Succeed in contracting with your Supply Chain

Confession!. The number is not 10 attributes, but 11. The number ONE attribute to succeed in contracting is PERSISTENCE!

In the seminal book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (1937) he explains that persistence is made up of four simple steps:

1) A Definite Purpose backed by burning Desire for its Fulfilment, 

2) A Definite Plan, with continuous Action, 

3) A mind closed tightly against all Negative and Discouraging influences, 

4) A Friendly Alliance with one or more persons who will Encourage you to see through your Plan.

We know this is paramount to achieving successful outcomes in IT contracting and project delivery.

CIO-OFFICE have identified 10 further attributes to succeed in contracting: with your IT supply chain:

  1. Ensure clear scope and deliverables – Resulting in dramatic reduction in claims and disputes.
  2. Involve Contracts and Legal teams early – Resulting in the right form of contract and avoid re-work during negotiations.
  3. Collaborative negotiations – Working with key stakeholders to increase trust and provide greater innovation.
  4. Drive efficiency in pre-signature activities – Create a focused and time-based plan with key milestones. Keep to these milestones to realise benefits faster.
  5. Manage risk through balanced negotiation – Resulting in contracts that support value generation and innovation.
  6. Incorporate terms for flexibility and governance – Enabling change and effective performance management.
  7. Design contracts for users – Avoid clauses linked to other documents. Make the contract an indispensable tool for users.
  8. Ensure effective post-signature handover – Resulting in commitments and obligations understood, managed and benefits realised.
  9. Deploy appropriate contract technology – Resulting in efficiency and quality in performance, analysis and reporting. How many times have you asked for a copy of an existing contract and struggled to find it? Technology can help!
  10. Invest in robust post-award process and governance – Resulting in improved relationships going forward with users and suppliers to avoid issues and create joint value.

Our experience and know-how can help you contribute financial benefit to your organisation and maximise value out of contracts. 

For further information, please contact info@cio-office.com



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