The pros and cons of Software as a Service

Are you looking to adopt cloud-based solutions and your suppliers are pushing to move from an on-premise based solution, to adopt their Software as a Service (SaaS), whereby software delivery and licensing is accessed online via a subscription? The intent of this article is to help you identify the right solution, by providing key points […]

A Question of IT – Ian Broom

Ian Broom is the CEO of Fliplet. Prior to this Ian’s technology experience led him to found Digital Agency; releasing organisations that wanted an engaging digital experience for their customers and staff. Fliplet’s low-code application platform came from this. Ian felt there had to be a way to ensure technology improved the lives of users […]

10 Attributes to Succeed in contracting with your Supply Chain

Confession!. The number is not 10 attributes, but 11. The number ONE attribute to succeed in contracting is PERSISTENCE! In the seminal book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (1937) he explains that persistence is made up of four simple steps: 1) A Definite Purpose backed by burning Desire for its Fulfilment,  2) A […]