Cyber Security

Provide best-in-class Cyber Security advisory to Boards, Executives and Decision-makers. Direct or discrete provision of Interims or Virtual CISOs (chief information security officer) to augment Leadership Teams.

CIO-OFFICE assess Cyber Security posture against threat and update security strategy to defend, relative to risk appetite. Support implementing cyber roadmap through tactical projects or oversight of strategic program using comprehensive security operations capability and supply chain knowledge to close gaps.

A rapid UK and International Cyber Incident response capability.

Cyber Leadership & Advisory

Tension between IT and Security Leaders can leave Boards with difficult decisions. For some organisations Security Leadership is non-existent or downstream in IT and Boards have limited confidence in the options presented.

Even where internal IT and Security are in accord, Boards often want a second opinion prior to investment.

CIO-OFFICE support Boards and Technology Leaders evaluate options

and provide CISO Leadership.


Cyber Resilience

Few organisations can deploy resources to protect all assets, all the time, from all potential attackers.

Realisation that benchmarking and compliance with regulatory minimum is insufficient after a damaging attack cripples an organisation. Only then do most organisations focus their efforts on defending against the actual attackers than the auditor.

CIO-OFFICE accurately assess the threat faced and measure ability to defend against it. Create and simulate cyber-attack scenarios and provide the vision, strategy and roadmap to optimise Cyber Resilience.


Cyber Operations

Cyber security operations must keep pace with two moving targets – the organisation and its adversaries in cyber space. The security strategy, the program that enables it and day-to-day security operations must be competently led and adapt to change as circumstances demand.


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